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IEEE SmartGridComm Symposium on

Field trials, Deployments, and Lessons Learnt

Symposium Co-Chairs

Charlie Arteaga
Skip Ashton
Ember Corporation, USA
Ronnie Belmans
KU Leuven, Belgium
Ralf Lehnert
Technische Universitaet Dresden, Germany
Gary Stuebing
Duke Energy, USA

Scope and Motivation

Smart grid communications has already started with the installation of electronic meters and projects related to Distribution Automation. Utilities in a number of countries are currently exploiting the new possibilities and gaining experience when integrating these into their operations, both on the grid and in the back office. Communications for AMR may not require a high bandwidth, but a reliable and secure network will be required. In a number of field trials, home owners are learning how to use online information to reduce their electricity bill. Distributed power plants, e.g. private photovoltaic collectors can only be controlled by a low-latency communications grid. Remote home appliances control and surveillance may generate further requirements to the smart grid communications network.

A number of research and pre-competitive development projects on a national and international level have been started recently and will produce technology to be tested in trials. A number of companies are offering in home services for consumers either through Utilities or privately using existing technologies. The technologies selected will have an impact on system integration, consumer usage and integration with existing systems.

Topics of Particular Interest

This symposium asks for contributions on but not limited to the following topics:

  1. Planning of smart grid communications (services, technology, repeaters and gateways, network management, ...)
    • Network architectures used: data flow models, single or multi-PHY,
    • Forecasting traffic of future applications
  2. Technologies Used and Lessons Learnt
    • Wired (DSL, PLC, ..) and wireless (WLAN, cellular, ..)
    • Experience with protocol stacks and improvements
    • Protocols used and impact on system integration and management
    • Use of IP protocols and interoperability
  3. Report on field trials and experiences gained from Smart Grid Deployments in Distribution Automation, Metering or Home Area Networks
    • Installation, set-up and cut-over experiences
    • Performance measurements (delay, bandwidth, stability)
    • Network reliability, disturbance measurements
    • Characterization of traffic on the smart grid
    • Expected versus field experience
  4. User experience (customers, utilities)
    • Installation models and user expectations
    • can we expect a change of behavior in electricity use?
    • User experience in the interoperability of these systems in producing a Smart Grid infrastructure.

Submission Guidelines

Submission deadlines and format requirements are the same for all symposia, see here

Papers can be submitted here

Technical Program Committee (TPC) Members

Inigo Berganza, Iberdrola SA, Spain
James Hong, POSTECH, Korea
Halid Hrasnica, Eurescom, Germany
Jim Mollenkopf, CURRENT Group, USA
Kaveh Razazian, Maxim integrated products, USA
David Rieken, Aclara Power-Line Systems Inc., USA
Albert Treytl, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

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