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IEEE SmartGridComm Symposium on

Virtual Power Plants, Distributed Generation, Microgrids, Renewables and Storage

Symposium Co-Chairs

Frede Blaabjerg
Aalborg University, Denmark
Reza Iravani
Manitoba University, Canada
Mischa Schwartz
Columbia University, USA
Mohammad Shahidehpour
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA

Scope and Motivation

The increasing use of intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power poses formidable challenges to existing power networks world-wide. The use of these relatively new energy sources has stimulated research and pilot projects into how they might be successfully incorporated into legacy networks relying almost exclusively on turbine-based electric generators using coal, gas, and hydraulic power. Their relatively small size and capacity make them attractive for use closer to the consumer. Small groups of such sources may be configured in island form as self-contained microgrids providing energy to a self-contained group of consumers or, on demand, connected, as virtual power plants, to the overall power grid itself. Their intermittent source of energy requires storage as well as part of the virtual power plant. Mobility may play a significant role in the use of these sources, particularly as the concept of electric cars requiring periodic charging begins to take hold.

It is clear that communication will play a significant role in the implementation of such virtual power plants and microgrids. Thought is being given to layered management control systems locally, within a microgrid, as well as more centralized control. What communication techniques should be adopted? Should the Internet be used, with security issues clearly very significant, should power-line communication be used, or are special communication networks better? Should wire-line or wireless communications, whether Wi-Fi or 4G be used? Papers on these and other communication methods are solicited for this symposium.

Topics of Particular Interest

Original papers are solicited on the above mentioned issues. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, all aspects of communications and control in the following areas:

  1. Flexible power plants able to operate in both grid-connected and islanded modes
  2. Operation and control of power electronics systems
  3. New trends on power electronic systems for MicroGrid and Virtual Power Plant applications
  4. Issues related to the mitigation of intermittent supply of renewable, e.g. solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, wave power, etc.
  5. Microgrids and Virtual Power Plants
    • Adaptive communication-based protection
    • Communication-based robust control
    • Power management strategies
    • Protection, fault monitoring and predictive maintenance
    • Modeling and simulation
    • Planning and configuration
    • Supervision, management, security, and hierarchical control
    • Large scale integration of microgeneration into LV Grids
    • Microgrids during emergency, islanding, and black start
  6. Distributed generation
    • Power electronic converters with special functionalities: active power filtering, power quality, load-sharing, islanding operation, or fault ride-through.
    • Microturbines, (small) wind turbines, photovoltaic, fuel cells, CCHP and hybrid systems, for autonomous or grid-connected applications
    • Effects of distributed generation on the management of LV networks with distributed generation
  7. Distributed storage energy systems:
    • UPS systems
    • Batteries
    • Hydrogen and fuel cells
    • Compressed air devices
    • Superconductor magnetic energy storage
    • Flywheels

Submission Guidelines

Submission deadlines and format requirements are the same for all symposia, see here

Papers can be submitted here

Technical Program Committee (TPC) Members

Jacob Østergaard, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Liuchen Chang, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Chris Dent, Durham University, United Kingdom
Edmund Handschin, University of Technology, Dortmund, Germany
Gareth Harrison, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Paolo Tenti, University of Padova, Italy
Jim Reilly, Reilly Associates, USA
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