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IEEE SmartGridComm Symposium on

Wide-Area Monitoring and Control

Symposium Co-Chairs

Gerald Fitzpatrick
Mladen Kezunovic
Texas A&M, USA
James Thorp
Virginia Tech, USA

Scope and Motivation

Wide-Area monitoring and control based on synchrophasor measurements is likely to be implemented in most major transmission systems. Many of the potential applications are wide-area in that they involve using remote GPS synchronized measurements. The sudden increase in the number of such units will accelerate the need for network architectures and expansion of WAMs systems

Topics of Particular Interest

This symposium aims to explore the application of wide-area monitoring, protection, and control including:

  1. WAMS architecture
    • NASPInet
    • DNP3
    • IEC61850/CIM
  2. System Monitoring with WAMS
    • SE, complete and incomplete observability
    • Seams
    • Calibration of PMUs
    • Substation SE and SuperCalibrator
    • Intelligent Alarm Processor
    • Optimized Fault Location
    • Detection of Cascades
  3. System Control with WAMS
    • FACTS
    • PSS
    • Stability
    • Mitigation of Cascades
  4. Protection and related applications with WAMS
    • Differential protection of:
      1. Transmission lines
      2. Multi Terminal lines
    • Adaptive Protection
    • Adaptive Out-of-Step
    • Adaptive Security/ Dependability
    • System Restoration
    • Loss of Field
    • Coordination of Backup Protection
    • Supervision of Load Shedding
    • Fault Location

Submission Guidelines

Submission deadlines and format requirements are the same for all symposia, see here

Papers can be submitted here

Technical Program Committee (TPC) Members

Raouf Boutaba, University of Waterloo, Canada
David Chassin, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
Brian Gaucher, IBM, USA
Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Masaaki Katayama, Nagoya University, Japan
Eugene Litvinov, ISO New England, USA
George Michailidis, University of Michigan, USA
Grzegorz Swirszcz, IBM T.J. Watson Research, USA
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